About ManyMe

Control. Peace of Mind. Community.

At ManyMe, we come to work every day to solve a huge problem, helping us all to take more control over our online lives by reducing online risks, protecting our privacy, exerting more control over who communicates with us, and providing unique awareness of our online experience. We strive to tell our users something about the sites they deal with, things perhaps no one else can tell them—such as when addresses “leak” from one site to other sites, which may indicate that a site has a porous privacy policy, or perhaps has been breached.

We focused on this mission after years of experience providing security services to small and mid-size businesses, building a company with hundreds of thousands of users, and an amazing network of partners delivering our services to “Main Street”customers around the world. We learned a great deal in that process, and after our company was acquired by a global leader in information security, we became determined to deliver affordable, easy-to-use, corporate-grade tools and best practices to individuals everywhere.

Along the way, we’ve found that people are often frazzled by passwords, fatigued by constant security warnings and data breaches, tired of trading protection for convenience—why can’t protection be convenient, too?—untrusting of unsubscribe links, reluctant to share their primary email address with strangers, and resigned to clicking on “I Agree”when registering for an account, because, after all, what control do you have? With ManyMe, we strive to restore that control and address these issues to provide greater peace of mind online.

Join our community in the quest to take back control of our online lives!

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