What is ManyMe?

An Added Layer of Security, Privacy, Control and Awareness for your Primary Email Address.
It's the only other email address you'll ever need.™

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With ManyMe™ security, a hacker needs your UNIQUE email address as well as your password to access an account. If one account is compromised, it is easy to shut down immediately, while all of your other accounts are still protected.

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ManyMe™ privacy eliminates the need to disclose your primary email address online by automatically providing a unique substitute address that you never need to remember.

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ManyMe™ control gives you exceptional power over access to your inbox. Our intuitive, in-message Control Strip gives you simple control over the sender's “From” address, the FlyBy™ “To” address used by the sender, and the combination of the two.

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ManyMe™ awareness provides an answer to the common question, “How did that spammer get my email address?” ManyMe detects when an address disclosed at one site is used by senders at other sites, and gives you the tools to do something about it.

How Does It Work?

Create a new address. The ManyMe Helper, which is a plug-in for Google’s Chrome web browser, automatically provides a different email address for every new online registration—hence the name ManyMe—and automatically retrieves the right address whenever you need it, so that you never need to remember a thing. The Helper is downloaded automatically when you create your account—look for the blue M to the right of the Chrome search bar at the top of your screen, along with any other plug-ins you might be using. In this automatic mode, simply click on the Helper to fill-in the email address field on a registration form with a unique address.

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ManyMe addresses take the form of your username plus additional information that provides the address with context and uniqueness. We call the full address a FlyBy™ address, because it is created on-the-fly, and we call the information that is added to your username the address “Flag”. When an address is created with the Helper, ManyMe automatically creates a Flag that consists of the full or partial name of the domain where you are registering plus some security characters for uniqueness (all of which can be changed).

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You can also create a FlyBy Address spontaneously in conversation or when filling out a form, perhaps to enter a contest or obtain a discount. In this manual mode, always be sure to add a Flag to your username to ensure the uniqueness of the address; instead of a domain name, you can add whatever you wish, and if you choose to add security characters (which are optional), you might use the numerical date on which you disclosed the address. You can use ManyMe in this manual way even if you’re not using Chrome.

Diagram of ManyMe's FlyBy Address format

Control your inbox. Email sent to a FlyBy Address is forwarded to your primary email inbox, in any email system, after undergoing multiple levels of inspection for sender authentication, viruses, spam, phishing analysis, etc. Links to quarantined email are delivered to your inbox in a Daily Quarantine Summary (DQS); these messages are retained in your personal quarantine folder for a maximum of 45 days, where they can be previewed, downloaded to your inbox, or deleted. Replies travel back through ManyMe, so that your primary address is shielded in both directions.

Users can take control over access to their inboxes by clicking on the choices that are presented in the Control Strip found at the top of each message delivered to their inbox. For example, the “Disable” control is like an “instant unsubscribe” function.

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Peel back the curtain. By observing the domain at which an address was first used, and then the domains of the senders who use the address, ManyMe creates a telling record of the consequences of disclosing an address at a specific site, specifically of how an address spreads and the total volume of email that results. In some cases, address propagation may be the first indication that a site has been hacked.

Protect your privacy. ManyMe doesn’t require access to your primary inbox, we don’t sell information about you, we don’t read the body of emails, and we save as little information as possible to operate the service effectively and provide top-notch support for our users.

For more information, check the "How To" section of your personal portal.

Why Do I Need It?

To Take Back Control Of Your Online Life

  • Stronger Security

    Stronger Security

    By providing a unique FlyBy™ address for every site you visit, ManyMe™ security makes it much harder for a hacker to compromise your accounts—if one address is compromised, only the corresponding account is vulnerable. If you use different passwords for every account, the hacker’s challenge is even greater because the precise combination of unique password AND unique email address is required to access your data.

  • Stronger Privacy

    Stronger Privacy

    With ManyMe you’ll never again need to reveal your primary address to a stranger. Any time a web site asks for your address, be sure to give them a ManyMe address instead. Now you can reserve your primary address for just your family, friends, and trusted colleagues.

  • Greater Control

    Greater Control

    ManyMe gives you exceptional control over access to your inbox. While other systems typically provide control over senders, ManyMe adds control over two new factors—the FlyBy address being used by senders, and the combination of the specific sender and address being used. Applying these controls is as simple as clicking on the options in the Control Strip presented at the top of every message delivered to your inbox.

  • Improved Awareness

    Improved Awareness

    ManyMe reveals when an address disclosed at one domain is used by a sender at a different domain. You’ll be able to see how an address spreads, and have the tools to defeat the consequences. As an address spreads, you'll also be able to see the volume of email that results from the initial disclosure.

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Features & Pricing

We Serve Only You

ManyMe offers both a free service supported by advertising and a premium subscription service with added features and no advertising. Our premium service is priced at US $3 per month or $29.95 paid up-front for a full year.

Both services provide the features and capabilities shown in the following table; the added capacity and features of the premium service are still being defined.

ManyMe Helper (our browser plug-in for Google Chrome
Unlimited FlyBy Addresses | Automatic and Manual
Unlimited incoming email
In-message Control Strip
Disable | “Instant Unsubscribe”
“Lockdown” limits on FlyBy Address use
Additional inbox controls
Reply-To capability
Daily Quarantine Summary (with 45 day retention)
Active code blocking
Attachment hosting
Anti-virus and anti-spam filtering
Anti-phishing analysis
Sender authentication
Secure User Portal
User Forum support


Control. Peace of Mind. Community.

At ManyMe, we all come to work every day to solve a huge problem, helping us all to take more control over our online lives by reducing online risks, protecting our privacy, exerting more control over who communicates with us, and providing unique awareness of our online experience. We strive to tell our users something about the sites they deal with, things perhaps no one else can tell them – such as when addresses “leak” from one site to other sites, which may indicate that a site has a porous privacy policy, or perhaps has even breached.

We focused on this mission after years of experience providing security services to small and mid-size businesses, building a company with hundreds of thousands of users, and an amazing network of partners delivering our services to “Main Street” customers around the world. We learned a great deal in that process, and after our company was acquired by a global leader in information security, we became determined to deliver affordable, easy-to-use, corporate-grade tools and best practices to individual users around the world.

Along the way, we’ve found that people are often frazzled by passwords, fatigued by constant security warnings and data breaches, tired of trading protection for convenience – why can’t protection be convenient, too? — untrusting of unsubscribe links, reluctant to share their primary email address with strangers, and resigned to clicking on “I Agree” when registering for an account, because, after all, what control do they have? With ManyMe, we strive to restore that control and address these issues to provide greater peace of mind online.

We hope you’ll join our community in the quest to take back control of our online lives.

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