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Have you ever been reluctant to reveal your personal email address online or in person?

Don’t do it—use ManyMe addresses instead! 

Is your inbox cluttered with unwanted email? Don’t trust unsubscribe?

ManyMe puts you back in control! 

Concerned about threats to your money and data?

Get added protection against hackers! 


Save your personal email address for family and friends, and give everyone else a different ManyMe address.

  • Unmatched Inbox Control

    Unmatched Inbox Control

    When each sender uses a different ManyMe address to reach you, you have far greater control over access to your inbox. [more]

  • Greater Privacy

    Greater Privacy

    With ManyMe, you can save your personal email identity for family and friends, and give everyone else a ManyMe address instead, whether online, in conversation, or even when filling out a paper form. [more]

  • Stronger Security

    Stronger Security

    When you use a different email address for every disclosure, ManyMe reduces your vulnerability to the most prevalent hacker attacks and alerts you to potentially fraudulent email. [more]

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What People Are Saying ...

What do our users think of ManyMe?

The Magic of ManyMe

ManyMe gives me much greater control over my digital life. With most digital businesses requiring an email at sign up, the ManyMe FlyBy address ensures that I have access to these services without fear that my personal information is vulnerable to abuse of any kind. Additionally, with email being my primary form of communication, the ability to customize each ManyMe address is a great feature that helps me stay organized. The magic of ManyMe is that it fits seamlessly into my normal email habits!

—TC, New York City

At last, a way to manage my email intelligently! [more]

—MAK, Newton, Massachusetts

Why I Love ManyMe, Let Me Count the Ways… [more]

—EJB, Ann Arbor, Michigan

How It Works

The core idea behind ManyMe is to save your personal email address for family and friends, and use ManyMe addresses for everyone else.

ManyMe makes it easy to create substitute email identities, whether online, in conversation, or when filling out a paper form, and automatically remembers every address when it is first used in email.

When email sent to a ManyMe address arrives at, it passes through our rigorous filtering to eliminate dangerous and unwanted messages, and is delivered to your primary inbox, so you only have one inbox to manage. Replies pass back through ManyMe, so your true identity is protected in both directions.

Diagram showing how ManyMe relates to you and your email

Some incoming messages may be detained in your quarantine folder in your secure ManyMe portal for your added inspection. If this happens, we’ll alert you with a Daily Quarantine Summary of message subject lines.

ManyMe makes it simple for you to exert exceptional control over access to your inbox. We do this by including context-sensitive control options in a Control Strip™ that is inserted at the top of every message delivered to your inbox.

Screen shot of an example Control Strip

For example, the “Disable” control is like an “instant unsubscribe” function, causing future messages sent to the address to bounce back to the sender, so you’ll never see them. The “Lockdown” control preemptively blocks any new senders who use the address, so if the address spreads to new senders, you won’t care—you’ll never see their email. We also use the Control Strip to communicate other important information to you.

Every user has a secure portal with a Dashboard that displays a variety of statistics. Your portal also includes a list of all of their ManyMe addresses, so you don’t have to remember them, along with your quarantine folder, a listing of attachments that are hosted in the cloud for your review, and a “How To” section of additional resources.

ManyMe always works to protect your privacy. We don’t require access to your primary inbox, we don’t sell information about you, and we save as little information as possible to operate the service effectively and provide top-notch support. ManyMe only retains personalized information for 45 days, and then deletes everything except certain usage statistics. Therefore, be sure to release to your inbox any quarantined messages and attachments that you want to retain.

It’s that simple.


We Serve Only You, Not Those Who Want Data About You.

ManyMe offers a free service that provides the following features and capabilities:

Plug-in for Google’s Chrome Browser
Unlimited ManyMe Addresses
Unlimited incoming email
In-message Control Strip
“Instant Unsubscribe” — stops all incoming email on an address
“Lockdown” — controls the permitted community of senders for an address
Additional inbox controls
Reply-To capability
Daily Quarantine Summary (30 day retention)
Active code blocking
Attachment hosting
Anti-virus and anti-spam filtering
Anti-phishing analysis
Sender authentication
Secure User Portal
Email support

ManyMe will also offer a premium subscription service with added features and capabilities, priced at US $3 per month or $29.95 paid up-front for a full year. Development is underway.

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To start the process, we’ll need your primary email address, so we’ll know where to forward your ManyMeMail. Also, please watch our video on how to use ManyMe addresses.