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Want a Lifetime Email Address?

Save That Address for Family and Friends; Use ManyMe for Everything Else

BOSTON, MA — Wouldn’t it be nice to have a life-long email address with a clean inbox? While data breaches and abusive senders make this a difficult goal to achieve, help has arrived from

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Never Reveal Your Personal Email Address to an Outsider Again Provides Unlimited Alternative Addresses that Protect Your Privacy

BOSTON, MA — Have you ever been reluctant to disclose your personal email address to an outsider, not knowing what they might do with it? Perhaps you have been persuaded to do so in return for a discount coupon or special offer, and then regretted it when the unwanted email started to arrive. Perhaps you created a secondary email account to use for such purposes, but eventually had to abandon it when the flood of unwanted email rendered it unusable.

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Varying Your Email Identity Strengthens Online Privacy and Security

Save Your Primary Email Address for Family and Friends

BURLINGTON, MA — Many people understand the privacy and security advantages of using multiple email addresses in the impersonal and often risky realm of their online lives. To realize these benefits, however, most people have resorted to throwaway email accounts and disposable addresses. ManyMe eliminates the shortcomings of these other approaches by delivering a far broader and more effective range of advantages, with the simplicity and convenience that consumers demand.

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How Did That Annoying Spammer Get My Email Address? Provides Unique Insight and Stronger Protection

BURLINGTON, MA — Have you ever wondered what happens to your email address after you disclose it at a web site? The key to finding out is to use a different email address every time you register online. Then, by tracking the senders that use each address, it is possible to detect when an address provided to one site is later used by someone at a different site.

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Unwanted Messages Clog Email Inboxes’s Free Service Puts Email Users Back in Control

BOSTON, MA — While commercial email services generally do a good job of blocking spam, legitimate senders are still clogging inboxes with relentless marketing messages and unrequested information. At the outset, users likely opted-in to a mailing list, perhaps by agreeing to a privacy policy without reading it (who does?). Over time, however, persistent messages can become unwanted, and because many people don’t trust the unsubscribe function, or find it inconvenient, email keeps building in their inboxes, threatening to render them unusable.

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ManyMe Strengthens Online Privacy and Security

Never Reveal Your Personal Email Address Online

BOSTON, MA — Raven Fly, Inc., a developer of advanced cybersecurity and privacy solutions for individuals, today announced the availability of, a cloud service that provides stronger online privacy, security and control through the automated use and management of multiple email identities — hence the name ManyMe.

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Protect the Individual, Protect the Enterprise, Protect Society

Experts universally recognize that humans are the weak link in information security.

Yet while vast amounts are spent to protect individuals in their roles as employees, these same individuals also have a personal digital life, as consumers, where they are not only less protected, but where their activity can create risk that transfers to their employers.

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