asked Questions.

Is ManyMe a full email system?

No, ManyMe forwards email to the party that provides your full email system, e.g., Gmail. By working “behind the scenes,” ManyMe provides an added layer of privacy and protection for your primary email account.

Do I still keep my personal email address?

Yes, absolutely! Email that passes ManyMe’s rigorous filtering is forwarded to your primary email inbox.

Does ManyMe work with every email system?

Yes, ManyMe works with any email system, e.g., Gmail, AppleMail, Outlook, Office 365, AOL, ProtonMail, and many others.

Do I have to give ManyMe access to my inbox?

No, ManyMe doesn’t need access to your inbox, your other messages, your contacts, etc. ManyMe simply needs to deliver email to your primary email inbox.

Does ManyMe save my email?

ManyMe only retains your email and any attachments for a limited period of time, as necessary to provide technical support and ensure the proper operation of the service. Long-term email retention is the responsibility of your primary email provider, so be sure that you download any attachments or quarantined messages that you wish to keep to your local device or primary email system, respectively.

Is ManyMe intended for outbound email?

ManyMe enables users to reply to messages sent to a ManyMe address, but does not yet permit users to initiate outbound email from a new ManyMe address.

How would I use ManyMe?

Use ManyMe every time you create a new online account or someone asks you for your email address, disclosing a different ManyMe address for every purpose. For example, use a different ManyMe address when the cashier in a store asks if you’d like your receipt via email, or when on a dating site, or when trading your email address for a discount coupon, or when you want added login security for a financial institution or medical provider -- anytime you want greater privacy, stronger security and unmatched control over your email inbox.

Is ManyMe really free?

Yes, ManyMe’s basic service is free, and is NOT supported by ads or the sale of your data. ManyMe will also offer a premium service with added capabilities that will be available for a monthly subscription price.

Does ManyMe’s free service impose usage limits?

No, you can use as many ManyMe addresses as you need, ideally a different address for every purpose. ManyMe also does not limit the volume of incoming email that can be processed.

Do ManyMe addresses need to be created in advance?

No, ManyMe addresses do not need to be created or registered before they are used. They can be disclosed spontaneously, on-the-fly, online or offline, in conversation or on paper.

How can I remember all of those addresses? I have difficulties with just one!

You don’t have to! ManyMe remembers all of your addresses for you, and saves them in your personal dashboard, so you can disclose substitute email addresses freely and without worry.

Can ManyMe really track when and where an address spreads?

Yes, this revealing capability is used to alert you when an address disclosed to one sender is later used by other senders, and ManyMe gives you the control you need to block any consequences. Address propagation may be a leading indicator that a site has been compromised.

Does ManyMe work with a password manager?

Not yet, but you can use the credential management features of any major browser to remember the log-in details for any on-line site where you disclose a ManyMe address.

Is ManyMe appropriate for kids, too?

Yes, ManyMe automatically delivers many important security protections for kids and provides comfort to parents by helping their children develop a cautious attitude for email. Particularly important is the ability to shut down any address receiving offensive or bullying email. Kids tend to grasp very quickly the simple way to use ManyMe addresses, and their early use of ManyMe will help them protect the life-time usefulness and safety of their primary email account.

How does ManyMe give me more privacy?

ManyMe gives you greater privacy by eliminating the need to reveal your private email address and shielding the identify of your primary email provider. Using substitute email identities also makes it harder to track you online based on your email address.

How does ManyMe give me unmatched control of my email inbox?

ManyMe provides users with two new and powerful ways to control inbox access – now you can control (a) each address (instead of just a single account address, or hack of that address), and (b) the senders permitted to use each address, even pre-emptively blocking email from unknown future senders. These new controls, and the granularity that they provide, make it possible to block any email that you no longer wish to receive.

How does ManyMe give me stronger security?

ManyMe implements a range of best practices used by security experts, so that you don’t have to be one. These include adding an extra layer of virus and spam filtering, performing rigorous sender authentication (using SPF and DKIM), exposing the sender’s “envelope address” (not just the “display address”), blocking active code and archive files (which can contain malicious code), using email aliases to help identify phishing and display name spoofing attacks, reducing your exposure to credential re-use attacks, and hosting attachments to help keep unwanted files from reaching your devices. And there’s more to come.

What does ManyMe do with my data?

ManyMe does not sell your data to anyone, and retains as little information as possible in order to perform its functions and troubleshoot issues.