Helping Individuals Take
Greater Control
of Their
Online Experience.

At ManyMe, we come to work every day with the goal of helping us all to take more control over our online lives by protecting our privacy, reducing risks, and exerting more control over who communicates with us – giving individuals a better chance of outsmarting the “bad guys.”

We focused on this mission after years of experience providing security services to businesses, building a company with hundreds of thousands of users around the world. We learned a great deal in that process, and after our team's prior company was acquired by a global leader in cybersecurity, we resolved to deliver comparable corporate-grade tools and best practices to individuals in their personal lives, too.

Along the way, we’ve found that many people are reluctant to share their primary email address with strangers, frazzled by passwords, angered by the growing surveillance economy, and fatigued by constant security warnings and data breaches, among many other frustrations.

ManyMe strives to address these issues in ways that are easy-to-use, effective and affordable.

We hope you’ll join us in the quest to take back control of our online lives! For more information about ManyMe, please send a note to